ZF Plans to Make a New Plug-In Hybrid Transmission by 2025

ZF was going to stop their production of transmissions for plug-in hybrid cars, but earlier this year, they decided to change their mind. This is in spite of the demand for Hybrids over other transmissions, such as powershift transmissions, increasing annually.

“We will go for one more generation,” Said Wolf-Henning Scheider, the CEO of ZF.  “I believe in hybrids as a solution for the family car where you have both long distance and electric driving. We call it the EVplus or the ‘people’s hybrid’,”



He said that the engine should be able to travel up to 100km, or 62 miles when fully charged, but after that, it will run on gas to travel for longer. This is vital because currently, hybrid cars generally are only able to travel about 50km before they have to be recharged. Mileage like that could deal with the vast majority of people’s needs before they have to worry about fuel.

The potential to drop hybrid engines comes due to the fact that Europe has eliminated incentives for the manufacturing of these vehicles. ZF still believes, however, that hybrid transmissions can become more popular than typical powershift transmissions.



This is one of the reasons why last year, they decided to invest 800 million Euros in its plan in Saarbrücken, Germany. Its Saarbrücken location is the companies lead location, which in turn creates plug-in hybrids for many brands, such as BMW and Audi.

The rise in demand for hybrid cars are not going to decrease anytime soon and is instead going to increase in the coming years. This is why it might be economically viable to increase incentives for this kind of technology. Even in spite of the lack of incentives, hybrid cars are going to become more popular, and ZF is just one of the companies paving the way.