Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance Adds New Shareholder

The Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance, a group of independent auto shop stores, repair shops, and distributors,  has recently welcomed a new Auto Value shareholder into its ranks. Auto Vaue is one of the Alliance’s two main segments, Auto Value and Bumper to Bumper. This shareholder’s name is Distribuidora De Autopartes Pescador (DAPESA), and is located in South America.

DAPESA is a wholesale auto parts marketer, and works towards serving the majority of Mexico and other South and Central America locations. Its headquarters is owned and operated by the brothers Daniel and Domingo Pescador from its headquarters in San Rafael, Mexico.

DAPESA has a total of 15,000 auto parts stores, as well as 305,000 square feet of warehouse space, separated between four warehouses across the country. Its headquarters alone has more than 600 employees, and 185 people who operate sales from the streets.

It also has distribution locations in other places, such as Leon, Guanajuato and Monterrey, which was opened in 2007, 2012 and 2016. As a result of having all of this space, all of these stores, and all of these employees, they are able to market to a wide group in Mexico and Central America. They even plan to continue growing as of 2019, aquiring new locations and reaching a larger audience.

“We are excited to welcome DAPESA to the Alliance family,” said John Washbish, president and CEO of the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance. “DAPESA’s excellent coverage and service of the market along with our current shareholder owners in Mexico, put the Alliance in a position of strong growth and success for years to come.”

It would be great to see how the DAPESA grows over time, and how its affiliation with the Aftermarket Auto Parts Alliance will help the company as it does so.