Pilot Oil Supply Unit, safety valve, remote control unit on all Hyundai wheel loaders


1. Manifold complete
2. Reducing valve
3. Seal kit
4. Accumulator
5. Gasket
6. Relief valve

The pilot supply manifold reduces the pressure from high pressure circuit to a low pressure circuit in order to supply the remote control valve.
The accumulator satisfies short term peak power demands and is a source of emergency power in case of main circuit pressure failures.
The unit consists of the housing, the accumulator (4), the relief valve (6), the check valve and the reducing valve (2).
The flow path is from the high pressure circuit through port P2 to the pressure reducing valve (2).
The pressure is reduced in the reducing valve (2) and oil passes the check valve into the accumulator (4) and to the port U, which is connected with the remote control valve.
The pressure relief valve (6) protects the pilot circuit in case of the reducing valve (2) failures or external increase of pressure.

Safety Valve

Joystick (Remote Control Valve) of Hyundai wheel loaders